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I feel like I've been neglecting my lj for some time. I have my reasons. It's because I was writing my dystopia fic, A Moment of Weakness, and when I was done, so was my brain. Even comments to fill you guys in on my life were beyond me.

It's a freaking gorgeous day today. It's unbelievable how warm it is in Oregon, but I'm just nervous that it will mean a lot of cold for the next few days. Here's to hoping not. 

About my life, it's been six weeks into my Spring semester, and so far, I'm surviving. I've been doing more reading than I anticipated, but somehow, I'm okay with that. In the  year where I sat around doing nothing, I don't think I even read one of the dozens of books that are piled in my room. Maybe this will get me into the swing of reading.

But the more I read, the more I want to write. And I shouldn't want to be writing so much. I thought I was going to take a break from writing Dean/Cas fiction, but my mind just keeps wanting to write more and more about them. It's actually really ridiculous. I have all these AUs that I want to write, and I have stories for my Vegas!Verse that I need to post, and I have a follow-up to my Human!Cas AU story that I posted in October. I swear they will all see the light of day.

I think they'll be a post (along with my masterpost that I'm working on) which catalogues all of the fics that I have in progress so at least it's out there. At least that way people could get on my case to finish a certain story. 

That being said, maybe getting a beta for my fics will help the process. I think I'm too critical of my own work which is why it takes forever and a day for me to post something.

But seriously, in no order, these are the three fics that I will have up within the next month (I hope).

1)      Follow-up to my Human!Cas AU, Return. I already have it typed out, I just need to read over it once or twice.

2)      A follow-up to my Superhero AU, Unraveling. I know what I want this story to be about, I just have to sit down and write it.

3)      A Vegas!Verse story. I want to skip a few scenes in the verse, but I'm trying to figure out if it's too important. I have most of the story done, I just have to make a decision on the order in which it happens in the verse and if it works without the other fics.

There are dozens more stories floating around my head, but it's hard to keep track of them especially when I'm reading Paradise Lost and Romeo and Juliet and poems on top of poems. I swear I'll sort them all out eventually.

So yeah, that's my life. I know this just looks like a bunch of madness, and I'm sorry.

This is the randomness that is DauntPerplexity. 


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